Residential Mosquito Control

How many times in the summer have you wanted BBQ or just spend time with the family and friends in your yard and have the plans devastated by mosquitoes????

We use the state of the art equipment and application methods to help you reclaim your yard. The ATV mounted high pressure system and backpack blower units allows us to penetrate and cover the vegetation. These systems produce the abdo- men size droplets and deposits them on both the top and bottom side of the vegeta- tion allowing it to withstand weather better and covers the area where mosquitoes will most likely rest. The mosquitoes will be eliminated when they come in con- tact with the chemical.

We are state licensed and insured professionals with over 30 years experience in mosquito control. The chemicals are EPA approved and safe for use around people and pets. Your yard will be ready to use in as little as 30 minutes after treatment.

The program for residential costumers consist of regular residual treatments during the season to reduce the mosquito populations.

Biological Controls

Mosquito-Eating Fish

Fish are the most important predator to larvae. Of course this control is only useful on a larger scale or on ponds created and managed by a home owner. Gambusa affinis, an inch-long freshwater fish that can tolerate contaminated waters eats hundreds of larvae an hour. The killifish also eats larvae but is less tolerant of fetid waters.

Natural Enemies

Mosquito larvae are an important food for aquatic organisms. Fish, insects, and spiders pray on them. Adult mosquitoes are fed upon by birds, bats, frogs, spiders, and insects (one example is the dragon fly).

Bacterial Insecticides

Products containing Bacillus thuringensis israelensis (Bti) are available for treating bodies of water. This bacteria kills mosquito and black fly larvae. It is harmless to humans, other animals, fish, and predacious insects. It is only effective against larvae since it needs to be ingested.

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